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The name of this club shall be  LAST MAN CLUB OF VIETNAM WAR ERA OF SAINT PETER.


The objective of this club shall be to form and perpetuate a group of Vietnam Era Veterans; to so strengthen the bond of comradeship and to unite the members of said Club so closely that only death can sever those ties;  to revive the memories and incidents of the Vietnam War Era;  to adhere together as a unit in all manners of mutual concern and to uphold the principles and objectives of the United States of America.


Membership in this Club shall be limited to Vietnam War Era Veterans who served in active duty including training (i.e. Basic, AIT, etc.)   in the U.S. armed forces  between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975.    The Charter shall be signed beginning at the inaugural meeting of the Club on  November 17, 2011.     Charter members will be accepted from June 1, 2011 up to and including  November 17, 2011,  no Charter members shall be accepted after that date.    Regular membership in the Club shall be open until the close of the regular annual Business meeting of  June  2014.      Exceptions to the membership time limit can only be amended by a committee consisting of the Charter members appointed by the  Commander of the Club, in said year of the application.


There shall be a one-time fee of twenty dollars ($20.00),  payable at the time of application to the Club.      After the initial fee,  there shall be no further dues or assessments for any member.      No qualified member shall lose his/her membership for any reason whatsoever. 


A regular reunion of the membership shall be held once  each year on the first Saturday following FLAG DAY,  (June 14) .  

The reunion/banquet/business meeting shall be held at the William R. Witty  American Legion Post #37,  Saint Peter,  Minnesota.      There will be an organizational meeting of the club on November 17, 2011 at which time there will be a membership  Swearing-in ceremony,  Officers will be elected and the  Constitution, Articles of Organization and By-laws will be accepted.


The officers of this Club shall be Club Commander, Vice Club Commander, Clerk, Treasurer,  Banquet Chairman, Vice Banquet Chairman, Chaplain and Sergeant at Arms.      These officers shall be duly elected by the Charter members at the first Meeting of the Club.             

The Club Commander shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club and shall preside at all meetings and perform such other duties as may properly come within his province.

The Vice Commander will be responsible for sending a condolence card to the family of a deceased comrade.      The Vice Commander will take over the duties of the Commander if the Commander is unable to attend a function or perform his duties.      The Vice Commander will be the keeper of the Bell.

The  Clerk shall be the secretary.      Said Clerk shall keep a true and accurate record of all the proceedings, shall conduct the correspondence of the Club and keep a correct record of all members of the Club, their address and necessary data concerning each member as may be directed by the Club Commander.      The Treasurer, the chief financial officer, shall keep accurate account of all receipts and disbursements and pay all bills that are approved by the Club Chairman,  and perform such other duties as may be called for by the Club Chairman.     

The Clerk shall  be the Chief Custodian of the Roster with a current second roster held by the Commander.

The Banquet Chairman shall have the charge of the banquet at the Annual Reunion of the Club and shall be the official custodian of the bottle of  liquor (The Prize) to be obtained prior to the first (1st) Annual Meeting.       The Vice Banquet Chairman will assist the Banquet Chairman in all areas in the arrangement of the Annual Banquet/Meeting.

The Chaplain (non-voting position)  will offer a prayer / invocation at all Club functions.

The Sergeant at Arms (non voting position) will  preserve order at all Club functions.

The Club Board will consist of the eight (8) officers which will make up the Executive Committee,  With the Vice Commander, Banquet Chairman, Vice Banquet Chairman, Treasurer and Clerk each having one vote on matters of the Club except for the Commander, who will only have a vote as a tie breaker.

The Club will elect a full Board of eight (8) at the organizational meeting.  In the years following,  the Vice Commander and Vice Banquet Chairman will move up to the Commander/ Chairman Chair.     The Club membership will elect a Vice Commander,  Clerk, Treasurer, Vice Banquet Chairman, Chaplain, and Sergeant at Arms at the annual Reunion / Meeting.

The Club Officers shall serve for a term of one year or until the successors have been elected and qualified with the exception of the first election,  officers will be elected to serve  until the June, 2013 Banquet/Business meeting. 


The Club shall terminate when all members there have died, with the exception of the last two Veterans,  who shall drink a toast (from the Prize) to their comrades of said Club who have passed on before them.


The Constitution / By-Laws of this Club may be amended at any annual Business meeting / Reunion by a two-thirds (2/3rd) vote of those present.



Should said Club cease to function, any properties belonging to it shall automatically become the property of the William R. Witty American Legion Post #37,  Saint Peter, Minnesota.


MEMBER SWEAR-IN.      The following statement is sworn to or affirmed by each applicant for membership of the Club.    I  (state your name)  have received and read a copy of the  LAST MAN CLUB OF VIETNAM WAR ERA OF SAINT PETER  Constitution  and hereby affirm that by my signature on the Club’s official documents,  that I meet the criteria for membership and I will abide by all that is written therein.