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Last Man Club of Vietnam War Era of Saint Peter

What are we about?

First,  We are over 30 years late in getting a Saint Peter Last Man Club organized.

We are a Social Club,    Our common bond is being  Veterans,  men and women who have taken time out of their lives to serve our Country in the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War Era.

It is Veterans of the Vietnam War getting together, sharing tales - fact & fiction,  bonding,  showing respect for each other (something that we have not always gotten from the general public).      

It is showing respect for and honoring those of our comrades who gave  their LIFE  for our Country during the Vietnam War.     It is about honoring our fellow Veterans who have died since the Vietnam War.

It is about honoring those Veterans who have spilled their blood for our Country,  the Purple Heart recipients.

The “goal” of being a member of this club is to be one of the last two survivors  so that you can share the “Prize”, a bottle of  Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey, in raising a Toast to all the departed comrades who have gone before you.

The REAL goal is  “What we are about”  bonding, sharing, showing respect and honoring our fellow Veterans and giving tribute to the Country that we served.   

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